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Service / Bar lifts

We’ve developed Dumbwaiters with a very short lead time. The 50kg and 100kg capacity Dumbwaiters are available from AccessCo within a matter of weeks.  These service lifts are available in single or through car and come complete with bi-parting landing doors. These Dumbwaiters have a maximum travel of 4m (two stop) or 7.3m (three stop) can be easily adjusted on site. All types of Dumbwaiters can be supplied with either single or 3-phase drives and all car and landing finishes across the range are stainless steel, with landings having 2 hour fire ratings as standard. There is also a choice of brushed aluminium roller shutter or stainless steel vertical bi-parting door for car entrance protection.

Wherever food needs to be transported between floors, AccessCO’s range of bespoke dumbwaiters offers the ideal answer. Each of our bespoke dumbwaiters are manufactured to meet the most precise requirements and each lift is built specifically to match customers’ needs.

All AccessCO’s bespoke dumbwaiters come with vertical bi-parting landing doors and their own

galvanized steel structure and are built to a standard specification. Conventional models come complete with a machine access door. Capacity, travel, speed, number of stops, car dimensions, loading, entrance type, finishes etc can all be varied to customize the lift to match the site requirements.

Technical Specification. 

  • Capacity: 50kg or 100kg
  • Floors: 2 or 3 stop
  • Speed: 0.45m/s
  • Drive System: High efficiency traction drive
  • Power requirement: 240v (single) or 400v (3-phase)
  • Travel: 2 floor up to 4.0m (adjustable on site) or 3 floor up to 7.3m (adjustable on site)
  • Arrangements: Single or Through (adjustable on site), 2 floors up to 4 entrances or 3 floors up to 6 entrances
  • Structure: Galvanised steel structure
  • Car: Finished in stainless steel and removable mid-shelf
  • Landing Doors: Vertical bi-parting (Stainless Steel), 2 hour fire-rated & safety locks fitted
  • Control System: Microprocessor controller and automatic push button landing stations

Optional Features

  • Lockable machine access door finished in Stainless Steel with 2 hour fire rating
  • Travel extension pack to increase travel from 4m to 6m (2 floor lift only)
  • Heated car floor
  • Additional landing entrance assemblies with 2 hour fire rating
  • Machine room access ladder
  • Brushed aluminium roller shutter for car entrance fitted with electrical contact


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