We are committed to bringing Discount Elevator Repairs to the Irish market. 

Elevators require a lot of maintenance, especially as they age. You might think as the problems become persistent, the more repair quotes are issued by your preventive maintenance company. As a new elevator is expensive. A modernization or full replacement has to be budgeted, and you want the elevator in a building to last according to its lifespan. Therefore, elevator repairs are important, and you need the right company giving you advice.

The money spent on repairing an elevator is taken out of your building budget. At some point, the repairs might become too frequent. It is for this reason we’ll issue a full report for your lift with our recommendations, and what we envisage the issues to be before they happen. Giving the client a chance to preempt the costs.  Here at AccessCO  safety is our #1 priority, and the building owner or management company have to be assured that the lift is fully operational and working to its optimum level.

Below is a list of the most frequent repairs we carry out. Click here to give us a call, we will carry out a full free of charge survey and issue a full detailed report.

  • Full electrical overhauls
  • Re-roping of lifts (bottom drive,top drive or MRL)
  • Auto-dialer replacement.
  • Roller replacement.
  • Insurance inspection items.
  • Car door operator,
  •  Sheave replacement.
  • Safety Gear replacement (tested)
  • Full car interior upgrade.

Elevators that don’t work properly are quite frankly going to agitate people, especially in this day and age. Building managers know you have to keep the elevators in service, elevator repairs are important to address, but the price doesn’t have to be so expensive. Here at AccessCO we can save our clients over 50% on their elevator repairs. Insurance inspections are carried our Elevators are a drain on the building budget no matter what, but they are necessary in some buildings and a great convenience or luxury. Who can you call to do the best work on your elevators at a discount?

If you would like a competitive alternative repair quote just click here and get in touch.