The concept of Kalea platform lifts is to adapt to any architectural style

Kalea platform lifts are easy and fast to install. Providing comfortable access to every floor has never been easier. The Kalea platform lift range will help you minimise installation and construction costs. The Kalea platform lifts range are delivered in ready-made elements, It can also come with the lift shaft included.

Kalea platform lifts

Wether you are in the market for a small home lift or a 630kg platform lift for your commercial property, AccessCo have the right option for you. The passenger platform constitutes 70% of the lift footprint and the super-slim construction allows the Kalea platform range to be easily installed into a new build or a existing property.


Kalea platfom lifts are 95% recyclable and the EcoSilent drive system reduces the energy consumption of your lift by 45%. Kalea offers you a great choice of lift models for public and commercial buildings. All lifts by Kalea are CE marked products and comply with European Safety Standards.

If you are dreaming about adding a bit of everyday luxury to your life, you should definitely consider getting a home lift. A residential lift will make everyday life a little easier and add comfort, beauty and real estate value to your home.

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