Alpha Curved Stairlift


The Alpha Curved Stairlift is the only stairlift to gain accessibility and freedom of movement.

Design & Comfort

With the most aesthetically and Compaq design, the Alpha Curved stairlift can be installed into any domestic situation and will improve your accessibility and quality of life.

Space Saving

Because of the slim and compact design the rail and stairlift only take up only a minimum amount of space, keeping the staircase free and clear for other users.

High Quality

The precise engineering & manufacturing ensures an extended functioning life and consistent performance by your Alpha curved stairlift

Conforming to the maximum safety and quality standards the Alpha curved stairlift is a low-cost way to make your staircase & home accessible again.

Alpha Stairlift – Technical specifications

Motor: 24V DC, battery driven
Speed: 0.12 m/s
Drive type: Rack and pinion
Power supply: 1×110/220 V for charger
Application: Residential, indoor
Fold-up width: 37 cm

Special features

  • Quiet, steady and soft ride quality
  • Selection of colours available for the colour of the seat upholstery
  • Firm internal and external curve radius
  • Seat belt is retractable
  • Two remote controls for top and bottom
  • Slow start to prevent sudden movement or jolts
  • Full battery backup system.
  • Battery operated – works during power cut Safety sensors and overspeed governor

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