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Domestic Lifts

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LP500 Platform Access Lift

The LP500 is an Open Platform Lift which provides internal or external vertical travel up to 3 meters. The LP500 is designed for use with little or no alterations to the existing buildings.
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Hybrid Access Lift

The Hybrid access lift is by far our most popular lift, before making a decision about a lift for your home or commercial property, you need to know the style you’re looking for. You can choose from contemporary to traditional styles that will blend in perfectly with your home or commercial property.
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HR300 Platform Lift

The HR300 lift is a fully enclosed platform lift, there is little or no builders work involved in installing this lift. A ramp can be added to the lift to remove the need for a pit. Each lift comes with automatic or manual doors.

Through Floor Lifts

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AccessCO Home Lift

The AccessCO Home Lift is without doubt our best selling and most versatile home lift. It has options to accommodate a wheelchair user. This highly functional lift has been refined since its initial release, making it a lift perfectly suited to be installed within any domestic dwelling.
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The Deluxe Home Lift

Created specially for the home, it is elegant and compact and will fit neatly into rooms of all sizes, practically anywhere you choose. It can even be custom made to suit your décor.

Stair Lifts

Home Lifts | Through Floor Lifts | Domestic Lifts

Stair Lifts

Accessco has a wide range of stairlifts both for straight and curved stairs. If you, or someone you know, cannot climb stairs or are finding stairs a struggle then Accessco has the perfect stairlifts solution for you. From our ‘standard’ electric stairlift to the platform stairlifts, we can install stairlifts to straight, curved or almost any other configuration of stairs or even straight through a ceiling

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