Basement Lifts

Basement lifts are an essential part of modern commercial premises. They ensure that your basement area is fully accessible to people with mobility issues, providing building access from underground car parks. For hospitality, healthcare, retail, residential and commercial buildings, reliable basement lifts are an everyday necessity. In densely populated areas where every square meter counts, installing a basement lift can mean giving new life to an underutilised area.

Basement lifts can be used to transport supplies, waste and even vehicles from basement level to upper floors. AccessCo basement lifts have been installed in apartment buildings, office blocks, hotels and car dealerships throughout Ireland. We’re the first choice of architects because of our experienced design engineers’ attention to detail. Your basement lift from AccesCo can be finished to complement the style of your building and its architecture.

Compact sites with limited or no pit space to accommodate basement lifts are no problem to our creative engineering team. We can create bespoke basement lifts designed to meet your exact specifications. Our team love creating space-saving designs and cost-efficient solutions to help our clients. Talk to our design team today to explain your site-specific needs.

In addition to designing and installing your basement lifts, AccessCo provides a maintenance service to ensure hassle-free reliability year round. AccessCo lifts are created using high grade, durable, corrosion-proof materials. All basement lifts that we install come with a three year warranty giving you added peace of mind when you choose AccessCo.

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