Goods Lifts

Our Goods Lifts & Service Lifts are not only cost effective but they are corrosion-proof and have a self-supporting structure, a space-saving installation, a compact construction, a shaft pit depth of 200mm only and are a machine room-less lift. Accessible spaces underneath the shaft are possible.

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AccessCO Dumbwaiter

SKG lift is often called the kitchen lift. The little goods lifts are usually useful in many ways. They’re essential in catering, pubs and restaurants as food lifts, and used as dumbwaiters in offices as well as private homes. So that’s why they’re an indispensable necessity. It’s not a surprise that these dumbwaiter lifts usually feature in many domestic settings.
Goods Lifts | Service Lifts | Dublin Ireland

GL Goods lift

The GL Goods lift is a goods only lift (capacity 300 – 1000 kg) or 1,275 x 1,50 m (Capacity 750 and 1000 kg) and a variable cabin height from 1,20 – 2,00 m.
Goods Lifts | Service Lifts | Dublin Ireland

HR300D Goods Lift

The HR300D goods passenger lift works just as well as an accessibility solution as it does as a transport solution for stretchers, hospital beds and goods, this platform lift has the potential to add great value to your business.

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