Guide to Stairlift Pricing in Ireland

The most important factor when installing a stairlift in your home is the price. The price of the stairlift will determine what company you choose. The main factor is the type of staircase you have. If you have a straight staircase you can get a reconditioned stairlift for 1200. A new one is around 50% more expensive. But the price can vary as we hold in stock a rail that might fit your staircase, this could save you thousands. The price will boil down to availability

If you need a curved stairlift the cost is greater as it depends on the configuration of the staircase. A site survey will be needed to issue a quote.

Stairlift Cost Information

At some point in our lives we will all find it harder to reach the top of the stairs and may require a stairlift. While a stairlift is usually installed to help elderly folks, those recovering from serious injury may also consider having a stairlift installed in their home.

Buying a stairlift is a unique purchase and most often done with no prior experience in the stairlift market. This can make the decision somewhat daunting, some might think it easier to just tackle the stairs with a devil may care smile.

But, a stairlift can be a great support in preserving joints, maintaining mobility and also provides a comfy ride to the top of the stairs. This is especially true for those in their golden years, but also for those with mobility impairment caused by any number of reasons.

To dispel the cloud of uncertainty that can come with buying and installing a quality product — and especially in regard to those price tags. The following article will provide all the details of the costs of stairlifts and why these devices are so beneficial.

The Innovative Stairlift Solution

A stairlift is not an elevator, nor is it an escalator, rather it is a mechanical seat that rides a specially installed rail that travels from the base of the stairs to the top. The specialized rail or track on which the mechanical seat rides is supported by anchors bolted into the wall or a series of support pillars fastened to the stairs themselves.

The mechanical seat can also be found in a variety of colors or styles as well as with specific features that optimize user experience and complement the style and decor of the home.

Operating the Stairlift

Your stairlift will be activated with the simple pressing of a button. To ride the stair lift to the upper levels of your home, simply sit yourself in the seat and when you are secure — with feet on footrest– press the “UP” button to begin your ascent. If you suddenly remembered the glasses you forgot on the coffee table downstairs, simple press the “DOWN” button to return the first floor.

The chair ride is neither fast nor sluggish and arrives with a gentle and graceful stop at the end of each trip. The seat is designed to accelerate slowly and never reach high speeds making this a safe and convenient option for those facing difficulty when climbing steps.

Stairlifts Prices and Professional Installation

The first thing many people are wondering is “what does a stair lift cost?”, but, before getting to the final figures for your brand new stairlift, it will be important to consider the needs of the individual and their home. We will delve into the specifics of expenses further in the article, for now let’s take a look at some key points on installation and your home’s structure.

For safety reasons, it is essential that the installations are conducted by experienced professionals with the proper tools for the job. While the task is not highly complex, it does require a level of skill and precision that makes professional services are preferred.

There are many varieties of stairlift that can be purchased and installed by the DIY enthusiast, but a novice should not attempt this task without with proper tradesmen handling the installation the process can be done in a little as six hours or less.

Will the Stairlift affect the Architecture of the home?

The stairlift is designed to affect the construction and architecture of the home as little as possible. Holes will need to be made in the wall or floor at every third or fourth step. These holes will hold the anchors supporting the stairlift track. It is important to note that in both cases the support comes from the floor as this is the most solid part of the structure.

Even those homes with irregular stairwells and staircases with curves and corners can benefit from a stairlift. The track is laid in pieces and there are tracks that can fit angles and curves and others that make up the straight sections of the staircase.

Homes with three storeys often have a single staircase running from the top to the bottom of the home. In a home with this type of staircase, the stair lift will be fitted to the inner side of the staircase and run in a continuous track from top to bottom so as to not be interrupted by doors, halls and the like — much like Mary Poppins can!

Custom Design

When choosing the best stairlift for your specific conditions you will find many options for both aesthetics and functionality. Following are few other options that will improve your experience with a bespoke stairlift.


You will find a control interface conveniently located on the armrests of the chair. This control interface on the mechanical chair can be selected to suit the needs of the user. While most people will have no problem with the typical push button controls, those with arthritic conditions may find that swapping this for the “joystick”type control will make the experience more comfortable.

Weight Limitations — While most seats will carry as much as 130 kilos, it is generally a good idea to ascertain the weight capacity of any stairlift before making a purchase. This will avoid an unfortunate surprise later.

Swivel Seats

The swivel seat can make alighting and mounting the stair lift a bit easier for those with stiff hips and other mobility conditions. There are even mechanical swivels that can make this motion all the easier especially when climbing from a stairlift to a walker or wheel chair.

Footrests and Fold Up Actions

The footrest is another important part of the stairlift that adds a measure of stability and safety .

Other stairlifts have a seat that can fold up entirely including armrests, control interface and footrest. One important thing to note is that folding out a footrest that is low to the floor can be hard on the back and finding the easiest fold out system will decreases the chances of strain in the hips, back and joints.

Those stairlifts with a single motion foldout system are the most convenient and present the easiest option for those looking to avoid back strain.

Finally, you will want to consider the “parking space” of the stairlift seat while at rest at either the top or bottom of the steps.

In Conclusion — How Much Does a Stair Lift Cost?

After you have included all the specifics for the the stair lift system you will need, you can begin looking at how much the costs will be.

For you typical straight stairlift you can find internet suppliers that will charge you between €1200 – €1600.

A dealer will charge you between €2000 – €4000 for a standard straight stairlift and this price will also include the costs of installation. You will also find indoor and outdoor varieties of stairlifts, but the outdoor type will typically cost more.

Those stairlifts that must navigate a complex staircase featuring landings, curves and corners are going to cost something extra. Prices will typically be found between €4000- €12,000 from a reputable dealer and professional installations will be needed for these bespoke designs.

Other Stairlift Costs

Batteries — Most stairlifts conveniently work on battery power, so that the occupants can still navigate their homes even in a power outage. There are stairlifts that operate off AC but these are inconvenient for obvious reasons, even if slightly more cost effective. The battery for one of these systems will last for about 3 years before needed replacements. A replacement battery can cost between €40 – €80.

Maintenance — even though most stairlifts advertise “no maintenance needed”, having a professional look over the mechanisms and provide oil and grease as needed will improve the functionality and longevity of the device.

Reduced Price of Stairlifts
Reconditioned Stairlifts

One great way to reduce the cost of a stairlift, is considering purchasing a reconditioned stairlift. All our reconditioned stair lifts and are restored to factory standards. Furthermore, the track is often brand-new.


If you will only need the support of stairlift temporarily, as when recovering from an injury, you may consider renting a stairlift. Renting stairlifts prices will be very different depending on the dealer you work with but you can expect a monthly or yearly payment plan as well as a price of initial installation and possibly the cost of future removal.

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