The Benefits of Reconditioned Platform Lifts

The elderly and disabled individuals usually rely on elevators and stairlifts to move around and reach their destination. Undoubtedly, these two prove beneficial and in some cases, even a must-have in homes, offices, and care home environments. But there’s another tool that offers the best of both worlds—the platform lift.

Elevators are modern, sleek, and reliable, but they are costly as well. Not to mention, they are often only seen in high-rise offices and apartment blocks. Stairlifts are cheaper, making them the more attractive option in homes and disability support environments. But the platform lift offers the convenience of an elevator and the price tag of a stairlift. If you’re still thinking twice, you should learn the benefits of reconditioned platform lifts.

What makes the platform lift special?

A platform list works similarly to an elevator. It has a shaft that can fit one to two persons at a time. The controls are found in the lift itself, allowing users to feel empowered as they can operate the lift by themselves. This helps the elderly and disabled individuals to feel more confident about themselves, unlike when using a stairlift which typically requires staff assistance.

The versatility of the platform lift is another big selling point. Depending on the type you get, the lift can be used indoors and outdoors. You can also have the platform lift built according to your unique specifications. This includes the number of users who will use the lift, the structure of your home or office, and whether you need it to function outdoors.

The lift does nearly everything an elevator can but at a fraction of the price. It’s more accessible than an elevator both due to its price and installation requirements. Budget-conscious consumers now have the option to enjoy all the benefits of a stairlift and an elevator without putting a dent on their pockets.

Why choose a reconditioned platform lift?

While the platform lift is often considered the most cost-efficient choice out of the three, you may still have problems gathering enough funds especially if you need a custom-made lift. The good news is that you can turn to reconditioned platform lifts to save more money.

A reconditioned platform lift is a secondhand platform lift that gets refurbished to meet current standards. In most cases, the lift is removed from a property in which it is no longer required. The lift

is disassembled and the parts checked for any damages or defects. Any parts that tend to wear out over time are replaced.

After the manufacturer ensures that the lift is in working order and meets current standards, the lift is made available for sale. A reconditioned platform lift gives you the same benefits of a brand new platform lift, but it typically costs 60% of the list price. These benefits of reconditioned platform lifts have made them an increasingly popular option for people suffering from mobility issues.

Take note that each installation of a platform lift is different. Several factors come into play including the type, height, and size of the lift you need. A professional lift company must inspect your home to help decide what reconditioned platform lift to get and have the lift fitted for you.

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