GLHD Goods Lift

GLHD Goods Lift

The GLHD Lift is not only suitable for retro-fitting into existing buildings, but it is also built to operate in the most demanding environments, making it a robust and reliable solution for year-round use. At AccessCO, we take pride in the quality of our products, and we firmly believe that the GLHD is the best goods lift available in the market.

We understand that 99% of our clients use the GLHD in existing buildings, and to make the process easier, we have designed a specialised ramp system that eliminates the need for a pit. This feature enables the GLHD to be installed as a pitless goods lift.

Single-column hydraulic lifting system
Certified for the transport of goods and/or one attendant on board with capacities from 300Kgs up to 2500Kgs.

GLHD Lift for goods-only
Optimise the loading surface for the material only and is suitable for connecting multiple levels. Suitable for being integrated in automated industrial plants.

GLHD Lift with operator on board (attended)
Allows the attendant to operate the system on board in complete safety. Moreover,
improves usability and work capacity by reducing material loading/unloading timings.

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