Hybrid Access Lift

Hybrid Access Lifts

What You Need To Know Before Installing our Hybrid Lift In Your Property.

Are you thinking about installing a hybrid lift? Well, here are a few things you need to consider before doing it.

1. Style – Before installing our Hybrid lift, you need to know the style you’re looking for. You can choose from contemporary to traditional styles that will blend in perfectly with your house or commercial property  interior.

By installing one of our hybrid lifts you have the look and feel of a conventional passenger lift, but with the low pit and head room you can make massive savings.

Technical specification below.

Nominal Speed 0.15 m/s

Nominal load 500kg

Output  4.3 kw max 

Minimum headroom 2300

Minimum pit 100 mm

Max Travel 24m

2. Installation Location – Do you have an idea where you are going to install the elevator? If it’s going to be installed inside or outside you only need 150 mm recess in the floor. Once the elevator shaft is installed. Here, the shaft will be installed alongside the exterior walls of your home for the best results.

3. Maintenance – Once you install a lift in your home, you need to be prepared for the maintenance issues that come with it. You’re required to schedule a general maintenance at least once every year to make sure the lift is running smoothly. Note that, lack of doing that will result in breakdowns because of wear and tear and much more.

4. The Advantages – If you’re rethinking the whole idea about installing a lift in your home or commercial property , you can enjoy some of the following advantages from doing it. First, your home or commercial property  will be fully DAC (disability access cert) and  revamped immediately.

Our Disabled access H10 range of lifts can accommodate up to five persons or wheelchair + attendant and can be free standing within its own structure or installed into a shaft by others.  Both types come with enclosed car, full height landing doors and ceiling with integral light.

A simple motor and pump housing can be located close by or remote from the shaft. Or with the Beltus Model you can go fully machine-room less

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