AccessCo Dumb Waiter Lift

AccessCo Dumbwaiter, Kitchen Lift or Good Lift

AccessCo Dumbwaiter lift is often called the kitchen lift. The little goods lifts are usually useful in many ways. They’re essential in catering, pubs and restaurants as food lifts, and used as dumbwaiters in offices as well as private homes. So that’s why they’re an indispensable necessity. It’s not a surprise that these dumbwaiter lifts usually feature in many domestic settings.

For the AccessCo Dumbwaiter, there’s a wide range. It includes four 50kg and 1000kg structure supported models. They offer car sizes ‘off the shelf’ which you can choose. But if you still don’t know what choice will work best for your building, don’t worry. We can plan an all-free survey to find out your requirements.

We’ve got a vast experience in this field and we boast an exclusive dumbwaiter product range. This way, we give you the right advice and the best product. As though that’s not enough, you get everything within your budget, with that unique ingredient AccessCO ingredient – personal service. You’ll also readily receive a lifetime of product support through our national network of professional lift service engineers. In simple terms, we’re committed to making your life smooth with our seamless service, right from the time you order and we make an installation. And it goes beyond here.

The product is usually contained within a load-bearing shaft. It comes with the rise and fall shutters, a car entrance protection plus a grey baked enamel ral 7038, and at times stainless, finish. Fitted with a top-notch reduction gearbox and a balanced drive system it consumes little electrical power. Still, it operates optimally even after lasting for many years. For security, all our dumb waiters are in line with the essential safety requirements (ESR) and the machinery regulations.

Whether it’s the smallest item or a heavy trolley, a elevate dumbwaiter always simplifies life at home as well as in the workplaces.


Over the time weve been in business, we’ve installed over 1000 lifts. That’s why we assure our customers a reliable product, supported by timely visits from the expert local engineers.

Reduces hazards from manual handling

Using a AccessCo Dumbwaiter usually reduces the risk that’s caused by manual handling. It doesn’t matter if you are a homeowner or a restaurateur. y.

Fast and easy installation

Being structure-supported, our elevste dumbwaiter lifts are quick and easy to install, causing little or no disruption. It takes 1 to 2 days for installation of a two-floor lift. After this, our engineers come for a second visit. At this time, they test, commission and train on how to operate the lift safely.

The installation

– Our team of experts manage the installation of your dumbwaiter, right from the delivery to handover

– It takes only 1 to 2 days to install a two-floor lift. We use proven and efficient installation methods that are safe for you.

– Once the builders work is complete we return to hand over the lift when it’s ready for operation.

The operation

– We offer a 12-month warranty plus servicing.

– With our preventive maintenance solutions, you’re sure of continuous operation. There are options for 24/7, 365 days a year cover, with the lift in constant use.

– Local maintenance is everywhere across the Ireland, so you’ll always find an engineer close to you.

– Find superb spare parts readily available to keep your system running.

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