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Stiltz Home Lifts Elevator

The Stiltz Home Lift

The Stiltz Home Lift is a real, through floor lift that’s specially designed to fit into your home. Available worldwide, it’s the first and only lift of its kind.

Developed to make your life easier, our lift helps you stay in your home when the stairs get too much. Our spacious and luxurious wheelchairs lift save on the cost and inconvenience of moving home, making our Home Lifts very cost-effective.

Unlike a stairlift, the Stiltz Home Lift carries two people comfortably, and you can even fit in a vacuum cleaner, and the family pet as well!

Because Stiltz Home Lifts and Elevators don’t need major fixing to walls or floors, your lift can be fitted virtually anywhere in your home, with no major building work or hassle.

The quote will include all standard site preparation work and all standard installation costs

  • Self-supporting structure – unique dual rail structure does not require load bearing walls
  • Self-contained drive mechanism – no need for external power packs
  • Smallest footprint of any lift – covers just 0.62 m² surface area
  • Plugs into normal 13 amp power socket – like all other household appliances
  • Versatile placement and fitting – our range of lifts can be positioned almost anywhere in the home
  • Quieter than any other through-floor lifts available
  • Optional extras available include cordless telephone, perch seat, grab rail, uninterruptible power supply and more

Change your life quickly and easily – with minimal disruption

Because Stiltz home lifts don’t need fixing to walls, your lift can be fitted virtually anywhere in your home, with no major building work or hassle – enabling you to get on with your life.

We offer the quietest through-floor home lifts on the market as none of our lifts use hydraulics and are instead powered by a unique electric motor drive system located at the top of the lift. It also has the smallest footprint on the market of any residential lift of just 0.62m2 so the lift steals minimum space from the room. It is the perfect alternative option to a stairlift that can often be obtrusive with high maintenance costs.

All our domestic lifts are powered by a simple normal 13-amp power socket like any other household appliance which uses less power than an electric kettle. No planning permission is needed for Stiltz lifts – just a standard building notice application – and we can even organise the building work. A range of different colours and finishes are also available on request.

The Standard Duo Lift takes just two days to install and all our home lifts include a two-year parts and one year labour warranty. VAT exemption and grants from the Disabilities Facilities Grant are also available. Contact us now for a tailored quotation.

Compact and quiet

Our home lift is extremely quiet and compact – taking up an area of just 0.62 m2. It has the smallest footprint for a residential lift on the market. Because Stiltz don’t use hydraulics, our lifts are as quiet as can be.

To give you an idea of the size of a Stiltz lift, we’ll send you a fold-out template, to place in your home and see where it will best fit. Request a template

Do You Have a Question ?

Simply Contact Us on (01) 513 4998 and one of our home lift experts will answer any questions you have.