Benefits of Hydraulic Goods Lifts

At AccessCo we supply a range of different lifts from platform lifts to commercial lifts, and throughout our many installations we have grown a wealth of knowledge on the machinery. Our goal is not only to give you the best design, make and model of a lift but also to give you, the client, the best advice when purchasing an AccessCo Lift for your home or commercial property. When it comes to installing a lift, it is important that you understand what would suit your situation best and how you can get the most out of your space. From electrical to hydraulic and now hybrid there are many types to choose from, so it is necessary to do your research beforehand. Our current topic Hydraulic goods lifts is to show you the main benefits of these lifts to make your decision that bit easier.

benefits of hydraulic goods lifts

Hydraulic Goods Lifts have become increasingly more popular and essential for transportation whether it be in your home or commercial property, and the number of its uses continues to grow rapidly. To break it down Hydraulic lifts are essentially the compression of fluids used to generate control and power. At AccessCo we can provide exactly this. 

The Benefits of these Hydraulic Goods Lifts include; 

  • Safe to use 

It is essential when working with good lifts all day that safety comes first and hydraulic lifts are best for this purpose. At AccessCo once it is installed, we offer yearly maintenance to keep it running smoothly and to minimize wear and tear. 

  • Reduced Heat and Low Energy 

Instead of oil being used in the pumps, these lifts often can use a hydraulic solution which reduces the waste in heat. To note, they consume about 50% or so less energy than a conventional lift.

  • Easily lift the heavyweight objects and reduce the amount of time loading and unloading the goods 

This helps secure working conditions, which helps to decrease injuries that may be caused to workers because of repetitive goods loading stress. If goods are placed correctly, it can allow for more efficient use of time and minimum force and labor to get the job done right.

  • Very little noise 

Noise can often be the case of the machine, and with very little noise it makes the experience much more pleasant.

  • Less space 

The Hydraulic Goods Lifts do not require a separate machine room and take about 10% less area for the lift shaft compared to other conventional lifts. They can often be remote-controlled. 

  • Less expensive. 

They are cheaper to install compared to other lifts. With AccessCo Hybrid lift you still get the look and feel of a conventional lift, but with the low pit and head room you can make massive savings.


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