What is a Service Lift used for?

Service lifts are suitable for almost any environment and can be found in a wide range of businesses and buildings. Like any other lift, it is used to achieve vertical transportation quickly, efficiently, and with far less effort than would be required otherwise. They are used for carrying heavy goods and because they are not designed for human use, service lifts provide a more flexible solution than other lifts for the transportation of goods.

Although, some can be specifically designed to transport service personnel to greater heights in order to complete their assigned tasks.

Service lifts have a lower weight capacity because they use electric traction to move. These lifts can be installed in just a few days and are ideal for industries that require low headroom and reduced pits.

They transport goods between multi-story buildings in an efficient and timely manner without compromising safety and security.

Some of the types of buildings that benefit from service lifts include:

– Hospitals

– Restaurants 

– Hotels

– Schools

– Offices 

Service lifts save space because they take up less space than other lifts. By following the building regulations and adapting to the businesses’ needs service lifts help to increase productivity. 

Types of Service Lifts 

Dumb Waiter Lift   

Often called the kitchen lifts, these lifts are useful in many ways. They are essential in catering and restaurants, and often can be used in private homes as well as offices. They can be tailored to your business and are extremely reliable. Take it from us, we have installed over 1000 of these. 

With easy installation, the engineer will then take the time to train you on how to operate the lift safely.

service lifts

Trolley Lifts  

Trolley lifts, unlike dumb waiter lifts, are used in situations where larger and heavier loads must be transported. They are common in commercial buildings, retail, and hotels, and can serve as many floors as dumb waiter lifts. They are also simple to install and sturdy, despite being slightly slower.

service lifts

It should go without saying that service lifts are useful for a variety of reasons. Whether these lifts are used to transport heavy goods or to transport service individuals, they are intended to make our lives easier. If you are thinking about getting a service lift installed contact us here.

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