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Reconditioned Disability Access Lifts

The Pros Of Buying Reconditioned Lifts.

A reconditioned Lift is a used or second-hand product. Of course, In today’s market place every item has a reconditioned option. Everything from decorations, kitchen items, electronics, clothing and books. In this case we are talking about the pros of buying a reconditioned Lift.

1. Less Cost

Buying any product as a second-hand option is typically less costly than the new version, unless the item is an antique. Statistics show that a person can save up to 90 percent on the purchase price of a used item. But on average when buying a stairilift or platform lift from AccessCO  the saving is more commonly 30% on stairlifts and 100% on platform lifts. So, you can opt to  pay twice the price or save twice the money with a reconditioned stairlift or platform lift.

2. AccessCo’s Guarantee/Warranty 

Another one of the pros of buying a reconditioned Lift from Accessco is that all the our platform lifts and stairlifts come with 2 years warranty. So You have peace of mind that we will always stand over our stairlifts and platform lifts. We have a rigorous testing procedure we carry out before we install a reconditioned stairlift or platform lift. We clean down every part of the lift and change the battery’s and PCB bard if needed.

We understand that some lifts will be used 5-10 times a year. But every property needs to be wheelchair friendly. It is for this reason we source the best quality second hand lifts so we can recondition them, make them look like new and give our clients up to 100% discount in comparison to purchasing a new one.

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