Reconditioned Platform Lift

Guaranteed for 1 Year

Our reconditioned platform lifts go through a rigorous list of tests after we purchase them. For this reason we issue 1 years warranty with all our lifts.


It starts with the durability of our recon lifts and the materials we use to re-build them. That together with a guarantee of longevity. The lift is tested for weight handling, general durability, and overall quality.

Purchasing a second hand platform lift.

A platform lift is going to come down to quality, consistency, and being able to trust the unit. Everything is done with the user in mind and that includes how it is going to be handled on a day-to-day basis. We have a range of recon goods lifts as well as disability access lifts available.

An assortment of Safety Features

These platform lifts are designed to provide a safe and comfortable solution. Each lift comes with a test cert, drawings and an owner’s manual. We follow the national regulations for lifts and make sure to spend time on thoroughly testing each unit before release.


We have a wide range of second hand and reconditioned lifts in our warehouse, especially through the low rise  platform lift type. We have some examples on our website of available lifts. Please call 01-546 1130 to find out if we have a disability access or goods lift to meet your needs.

For more information on our  lifts, it’s time to speak to a qualified representative and gain access as soon as possible. Click here to contact us, or click here to visit our Facebook Page