Platform Lift Price Guide

When it comes to buying a lift, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here at AccessCo, we want to make this process a seamless experience and so we have put together a platform lift price guide to help you with your decision-making process, and get you started in the right direction. 

With so many different factors involved with buying a platform lift, from identifying the model, adding extra features, the size of the platform, and then looking at the ongoing cost of ownership, it is important that these are all taken into account as they will influence the price of the lift. 

Generally speaking, the cost is determined by two main factors.

The cost of the physical lift 

  • The height of travel (how many floors it will travel through)
  • Number of access points 
  • The size of the platform 

The cost of the building requirements 

  • The labour costs of preparation and installation.
  • Any electrical requirements (With AccessCo we will make sure your exact needs are met and that the lift is built for you)

Different Platform Lift Types Available 

We offer three types of platform lifts: 

Hybrid Access Lift 

This is by far one of the most popular lifts we have to offer, whether it be for commercial property or your home. The styles can range from contemporary to traditional. It is a fully customizable ceiling and lighting for manual or automatic doors. 
The budget for this lift is around €22,000.

AccessCo’s hybrids lift is elegant, and silent indoor or outdoor. Available in different versions, from a capacity of 250kg to 500kg 

With a wide range of personalities, it makes it possible to install the hybrid lift system in any environment.

platform lift price guide
platform lift price guide
HR300 Platform Lift 

This lift is a fully enclosed platform lift, there is little to no builders work involved in installing this lift. The HR300 Platform lift height can be up to 13 meters and can have up to six stops. 

The budget for this lift is around €22,000.

The lifting capacity for this lift is 500kg or 5 persons. 
The emergency lowering mechanism may be actuated by an electric motor with a backup battery.

Platform Lift Price Guide
Platform Lift Price Guide

LP500 Platform Access Lift 

This lift is our lowrise platform and is ideal for a subtle location in your home or commercial property. It is designed for anyone that may be having difficulty with stairs, as well as transporting wheelchair users. 

The LP500 platform lift is the most cost-effective and stylish platform on the market. The LP500 is designed for use with little or no alterations to the existing buildings.

This is for those with a budget above €15,000. 

The lifting capacity of this lift is 250kg, and has the option of a remote joystick, providing a solution to help you continually live independently.

Platform Lift Price Guide

We also have Bespoke Lifts

Sometimes an environment needs more than a standard platform lift. Our Bespoke lifts adapt to the building rather than the other way around. They are also available with a unique combination of features and are aesthetically pleasing. 

They improve property accessibility in churches, hotels, castles, private homes, and listed buildings. 

This is suitable for those with a larger budget.

Once we know exactly what you want with the lift mechanism basics, we can make it seamlessly blend into your environment.

To arrange a consultation in your home, contact us right away. Our consultants will find out what is most important to you before presenting you with your options. We will also talk about your budget and timeline. 

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